Unlike traditional and organic farming, our plants are not exposed to pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals.

We monitor our plants 24/7 to ensure they are growing in optimal conditions.


Our plants grow to their full size in 27 to 32 days, giving us 240 times the yield per growable square foot of the conventional farm.


Unhindered by climate, season or weather changes, we are able to produce year round with no risk of shortages.

Historically, we’ve had little-to-no spoilage, losing less than 1% of our crop, meaning 99% of our yield makes it to shelf.


We circulate our water, giving us the ability to use up to 98% less water than conventional farms.


We build our greenhouses near distribution centers so our produce can be ready for you the same day.

Less time on the truck means we’re able to lock in more nutritional value.


Our First Fruits Program promises to provide the first of each harvest to the hungry people of our communities, delivering the best of our produce to local food banks.