To Feed and Heal the World

No person’s socioeconomic status should hinder their ability to gain access to nutrient-rich food, making the proprietary Eden Ecosystem for plant growth the obvious solution to the challenge at hand. With our revolutionary plant growth system, we’re able to grow more than 100 plant varieties, anywhere, at scale.

We perfected this transformative vertical closed-loop solution to flow water, nutrients, oxygen and sunlight into the plants’ microclimate at the perfect ratio, in order to optimize the natural powers of photosynthesis to maximize output for people who need it most.


How We Started

Inspired by a moment in time they shared with a hungry child, our founders, two brothers from South Africa, were driven by the notion that hunger should be an option for no one. They understood that hunger not only impacted those in their community, but so many around the world.

They decided to make a shift – a shift in vision that drove a change in location to a place where food deserts are seen in what are considered to be some of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Creating the technology to eliminate that possibility became their calling and the mission that fuels this company.