A high-density vertical farming technology that grows plants at operational scale. Our technology is designed to do what nature intended in a more efficient manner – revolutionizing the way plants are grown and igniting a transformation in commercial agriculture production.

What began as a desire to help children has turned into a mission to feed and heal the world.

Setting the Standard

We are driven by a belief in a better way to grow – one where safety, reliability and efficiency become the expectation. Our technology makes this possible. Our products make this a reality.


Who we are

Reimagining Conventions

By going beyond the current conventions to define what clean and sustainable plant growth can and should be for the next generation.

Real is Pure

Our plants are curated, not controlled, supplied with nutrients, not additives, and harvested by human hands, not robotic arms.

Accessible Nutrition

We don’t bias by location. Our business and energy efficiencies allow us to provide freshness and reliability to people everywhere.

Curating the Environment

We’re not another science lab. We go beyond control to bring care into the space our plants call home by providing human support from the moment the seeds are planted to the moment they are harvested.

A Neighbor to All

With the ability to build our greenhouses anywhere, we are able to serve our surrounding communities. Engaging, educating and inspiring to promote positive change.

Plants that Make you Come Alive

Because exposure to the ideal amount of sunlight and nutrients allow us to grow plants that feed and heal the body.